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  • Kern . auch Kerngehäuse, Innerstes, Herz, Mark, Seele


  • the hard, central part of a fruit which contains the seeds
  • the central part of an object, the most important part of something.
  • The innermost or most essential part of something.




  • the act or the process of moving or  the way something moves
  • the act, stae or manner of changing place
  • a single movement, change of posture
  • power of moving or being moved
  • agitation
  • a natural impulse
  • a working in the mind
  • a feeling
  • an emotion 
  • a prompting
  • an instigation




  • a strong feeling such as love, fear or anger
  • the part of a person's character that consists of feelings
  • A moving of the feelings
  • agitation of mind, such as anger, joy, fear or sorrow
  • associated also with physical symtoms
  • feeling as distinguished from cognition and will